Are You Trapped In A Long-Term Contract?


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Smart Waste hears this from potential customers all the time.

“Help! I’m trapped in a long-term, auto-renewal contract, with constant price increases. I’m tired of seeing random fees and surcharges appear on our invoices.”

The worst part is these contracts have very short windows to cancel. With staff changes, busy schedules, and much more important things happening in your office, it’s really easy to forget to cancel your contract in the designated window of time. Then you are trapped in another 3 to 5 year period with even larger price increases.

Smart Waste wants to help because we’re just as frustrated as you are that large companies get away with these business tactics that hurt small businesses. Most potential customers tell us that they never even saw the terms before they were required to e-sign the document. It’s not right! And we want to help.

Use these quick steps to find a better way to
manage your medical waste:

  1. Take a few minutes to find your current contract.
  2. Even if you have a copy in your files, go ahead and call your current provider to ask for a signed copy of your agreement. Surprisingly, almost 50% of customers tell us their current provider can’t produce a copy of a signed agreement.
  3. If your current provider can’t produce a signed agreement, start shopping around. Get a Quote 
  4. If your current provider sends a copy of your current agreement, use the information from the agreement to fill out the form to the left. We’ll send a reminder email in plenty of time to ensure that whoever is handling your waste when the renewal period happens has plenty of time to make sure you are getting the best service at the best price.